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Sharp Blades Will Make a BIG Difference!
Service includes: Oil change, blade sharpening & balancing, air filter cleaning, greasing, deck cleaning.
Equipment Type Price
Walk-Behind with 1 blade *
Riding Mowers *
(depending on model and size of mower)
Zero Turn Mowers *
Bush Hogs
(Does not include changing gear oil)
7 ft or Less *
with 2 gear boxes *
with 3 gear boxes *
Other Farm Equipment by Quote
Generators *
Snow Blowers *
Some Small Repairs by Quote

Note: Discount for Multi-Service Orders. Prices subject to location and condition of machine and may change.

*Call 540-338-3408 for pricing.

Sharp-Blades Lawn Mower and Small Tractor Service
Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening and Maintenance
Sharpening bush hog blades, Greasing, Lubricating of Parts
We repair riding mower decks
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